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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishshoeboxshoe‧box /ˈʃuːbɒks $ -bɑːks/ noun [countable]  1 a cardboard box that shoes are sold in2 British English informal a very small room, house etc I was living in a shoebox in Clapham.
Examples from the Corpus
shoeboxShe kept her cash in a shoebox under the bed.We hazard a guess that they're lurking in a shoebox or, worse still, the ubiquitous carrier bag!She hid them in a shoebox in her closet.Letters Mike had written to his brothers, packed into a shoebox, sat at the end nearest us.Enclosed in plastic casing of muddy beige, it was slightly bigger than a shoebox on end, about fourteen inches high.His office -- smaller than his players' shoeboxes -- is in the same North Gym fieldhouse where Tarkanian played guard.In some of the envelopes in Boy's shoebox were photographs.Madame's letter, and her books, were put into Boy's shoebox to join his collection of letters and photographs.
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