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sick leave

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsick leaveˈsick leave noun [uncountable]  time that you are allowed to spend away from work because you are sickon sick leave He has been on sick leave for more than three months.
Examples from the Corpus
sick leaveI could take the afternoon off from work as sick leave.Accumulating days for sick leave proved to be a trap.J Nyberg had now returned from sick leave.Then they learn that Lincoln employees receive no company-paid dental insurance benefits, no paid holidays, and have no sick leave.It also accounted for 11.6% of sick leave.She took every bit of sick leave she could.When they go on sick leave, their aggregate take-home pay is actually higher than when they are on the job.The woman suffered bruising to the head and body in the impact and went on sick leave from work.
From Longman Business Dictionarysick leaveˈsick leaveHUMAN RESOURCES time with pay that you are allowed to be absent from work because you are illWerner never used a day of sick leave during his first 10 years as a firefighter. leave
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