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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsingle-handedlyˌsingle-ˈhandedly (also single-handed) adverb  ALONEif one person does something single-handedly, they do it without help from anyone else syn alone She brought up three children single-handedly.single-handed adjective [only before noun] a single-handed voyage across the Atlantic
Examples from the Corpus
single-handedlyBut it is doubtful whether, if elected, he could single-handedly change the timetable at such a late stage.Nader almost single-handedly changed the public's opinion of the big car companies.Preston shrugged, as one did who had just single-handedly dispatched a Beast who Rode the Underground.It was then left in the hands of head gardener Ken Vaughn, who ran it single-handedly for 30 years.But the mass media do not single-handedly give shape to the contours of the political system.Only the female can guarantee her parenthood, and to her descends the task of single-handedly rearing the young.If I am ferreting single-handedly there is no need for any other digging implement.He had single-handedly turned the Swan from a down-at-heel spit and gob saloon to a down-at-heel success.Do we think we have to win all battles single-handedly when we know you have already won the war?
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