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soloistso‧lo‧ist /ˈsəʊləʊɪst $ ˈsoʊloʊ-/ noun [countable]  APMa musician who performs alone or plays an instrument alone cello soloist Yo Yo Ma
Examples from the Corpus
soloistAs most jazzmen saw it, the more chords there were to work with, the more leeway a soloist had.His position is now occupied by the ballerina and her partner or a soloist.There was little in this performance, with Stephen Kovacevich as soloist, for anyone to recall pleasurably.Here the excellent soloist was Michael Roll.There will be four soloists in tonight's performance.Hanson not only conducts this week, but performs as piano soloist for Leroy Anderson's Forgotten Dreams.A secure soloist, it is implied, might not be given much guidance.There has never been another full-time soloist before.Violin soloist Jessica Solano will perform Mozart's Concerto No. 4.The multiracial ensemble provides cushiony support to Anderson and other vocal soloists in traditional and original music.
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