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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsparklerspar‧kler /ˈspɑːklə $ ˈspɑːrklər/ noun [countable]  DLa type of firework that you can hold in your hand, consisting of a thin stick that gives off sparks of fire
Examples from the Corpus
sparklerThe campaigners' angry words were formed by torches, lights and sparklers.Even the humble sparkler can cause horrific injuries when combined with a highly flammable shell suit.It will be all downhill after the guests blow bubbles or light sparklers as you leave the church.At the same time Harry, Pyro's son, takes a lighted sparkler into the house.Singed needles only add to the celebration because they crackle like sparklers and give off the pungent aroma of the evergreen woods.A real sparkler from David Penney gave the local derby a firework finish and the fairest result of all.The children had stopped singing, and were lighting cross-shaped sparklers.Slow sideboard sparkler, we watch its wadding softly fray.
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