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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsparkyspark‧y /ˈspɑːki $ ˈspɑːr-/ adjective British English  ENERGETICfull of life and energy syn lively Why would a sparky girl like Nicola want to marry him?
Examples from the Corpus
sparkyHaving met her just that once, she was so sparky and ritzy.The chemistry between Russell and Stowe sparky, but mostly good-humoured is off-set against the cloying danger presented by Liotta's character.This sparky kid in Ray-Bans and monogrammed racing overalls is one of the resident instructors at Snetterton.Quite sparky, she copes well under pressure, but it is not unknown for her to lose her temper.He was out to reveal a spunky, sparky, spontaneous self which had in fact never existed.
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