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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspartanspar‧tan /ˈspɑːtn $ -ɑːr-/ adjective  SIMPLE/PLAINCOMFORTABLEspartan conditions or ways of living are simple and without any comfort spartan accommodation a spartan existence
Examples from the Corpus
spartanThe hotel was like a different world compared to the spartan accomodation I'd had in the army.a spartan apartmentBut his decorative style is as spartan as any Internationalist.The students' rooms are spartan but clean, with no carpets or central heating.Spur lines led from principal stations into vast spartan dormitory accommodation where they could be quarantined and prepared for settlement.For example, they tend to do their brilliant work in spartan, even shabby, surroundings.It was a spartan existence, with no running water or electricity.Funky Ruidoso and spartan Lincoln serve as nice contrasts to each other.Once it is forgotten again, she resumes her work in the spartan room allocated to her by a local co-op.The accommodation is pretty spartan, so take extra blankets and bedding.He had become a tireless spartan worker who never seemed to register ordinary pain or fatigue.
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