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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeechlessspeech‧less /ˈspiːtʃləs/ adjective  SAYunable to speak because you feel very angry, upset etcspeechless with His comments left me speechless with rage.see thesaurus at surprisedspeechlessly adverbspeechlessness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
speechlessWhen I told him I was pregnant, he was totally speechless.All this she heard, even understood, but still she was speechless.In face of that, I must admit I am speechless.She knew her news had left her audience speechless.Her children's behaviour is sometimes so bad that it leaves her speechless.His words dented her pride and left her speechless.When he finally let her go she was still speechless - and trembling violently.Well, I'm speechless Anna. I really don't know what to say.Jimmy was always quiet, even speechless, before ops, but on his return he was a different person.Almost speechless, her mother managed to gasp out, 'And how long has this been going on?'Anna was speechless. She had never seen such luxury before.Thus she left them, and Metaneira fell speechless to the earth and all there trembled with fear.The chairman was speechless when he heard that he had been dismissed.Brian's remark let his boss speechless with anger.I didn't answer. I was speechless with rage.Laura stared at him, absolutely speechless with rage.The little girl seemed speechless with terror.left ... speechlessIn the presence of great beauty I am often left speechless.She knew her news had left her audience speechless.The shock of his daughter's death has left him virtually speechless.The simple beauty of the golds, reds and blues left them both speechless.The tennis was that good, it left me speechless.
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