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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspunkyspunk‧y /ˈspʌŋki/ adjective informal  having a lot of courage, energy, or determination a spunky performance a spunky heroine
Examples from the Corpus
spunkyTonight they were spunky but never sexy.While Almond aims for tacky, spunky cabaret rock, he's about as subversive as Come Dancing.She was spunky, dazzlingly defiant, and, I was sure, beautiful.Her spunky friend, played by Anne Heche, fares worse.Books that feature animals, humor and spunky kids never go out of style.He was out to reveal a spunky, sparky, spontaneous self which had in fact never existed.Every table is treated to a basket of warm pita bread accompanied by a spunky tomatillo salsa.
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