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steering committee

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsteering committeeˈsteering comˌmittee noun [countable]  BBGROUP OF PEOPLEa committee that guides or directs a particular activity
Examples from the Corpus
steering committeeThe Club is run by a steering committee elected from the membership.Finally, a steering committee was formed late last year and, within two months, the organizational meeting was held.Some might decide to elect a special institutions representative, a steering committee, and a hospitality committee.A steering committee of students, artists, curatorial staff and lecturers was set up.Together, these industries formed a large and active steering committee.A systemwide school-to-career steering committee reflects the power structure in Boston.So far the steering committee comprises representatives from its lead bank, Barclays, and four big lenders.
From Longman Business Dictionarysteering committeeˈsteering comˌmittee a committee with responsibility for making sure that particular tasks are carried outThe corporate marketing steering committee coordinates marketing issues. committee
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