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storeysto‧rey British English, story American English /ˈstɔːri/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TBa floor or level of a building a staircase leads to the upper storeytwo-storey/five-storey etc (=having two etc storeys)see thesaurus at floor
Examples from the Corpus
storeyThe eastern half was a warehouse, a storey higher than the mill and built later, around 1890.She had the first and second floor of a thin, dilapidated building that was a ruin above the third storey.The third storey of the town gaol was pierced by a doorway over which projected a beam.A Lloyd's signal station was to occupy the top storey, but the offer was not taken up.In a large fenced-off security zone, drums pile up to the level of a two storey house.The pathologist: Injuries consistent with a fall from an upper storey.upper storeyThe pathologist: Injuries consistent with a fall from an upper storey.The stair-well in this wing indicates an upper storey which presumably would have been much on the same plan.The removal of Franca from the upper storey was perhaps the sign that her arrival was imminent.The long window of the upper storey was designed to throw the maximum light on the loom.There is a complex layout of these basement halls which were built to support the upper storey state apartments.The nave is barrel vaulted and on its north side a staircase leads to the upper storey which has a round gallery.The upper storey is in the form of a gallery for women which extends into the church.The upper storey of 180 feet provided accommodation for the library, committee room and living quarters for the gardener.
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