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streetlightstreet‧light /ˈstriːtlaɪt/ (also streetlamp /-læmp/) noun [countable]  lamp_post.jpg TTRa light at the top of a tall post in the street
Examples from the Corpus
streetlightThe accused pushed a motorbike 40 yards so that he could have a good look at it under a streetlight.A streetlight beside an elementary school shed just enough light to let me make sense out of the map.She could hear the adjacent streetlight sizzling like a radioactive isotope.The glare of the nauseous streetlights which made the world faceless and colourless.Your grandfather kept you busy explaining how the streetlight worked.The boy pedaled slowly away under the streetlights, looking back with lingering reproach.The deserted piazza glistened under the streetlights.It was that hour of dusk when the streetlights and headlights come on but make little difference.
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