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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrictlystrict‧ly /ˈstrɪktli/ ●●○ adverb  1 STRICTin a way that must be obeyed Alcohol is strictly forbidden on school premises. The ban on hunting is not strictly enforced.2 EXACTexactly and completely That isn’t strictly true.3 strictly speaking4 ONLYonly for a particular person, thing, or purpose and no one else This is strictly between us. Nobody else must know.
Examples from the Corpus
strictlyThe closing dates were strictly adhered to by the Office of Works.He completely disregarded strictly enforced social conventions and religious restrictions in order to contact the outcasts of society.Local driving regulations are strictly enforced.I play the piano strictly for fun.But Weaver's unusually modern sensibilities mark this novel strictly for the tourist market.Mrs Berzins, who remembered herself as a young woman, did not strictly forbid her to go.The pentecostal faith strictly forbids drunkenness, carousing, and infidelity.The immigration laws have been strictly implemented.Some people objected, but it was all strictly legal.Where lordship was strong, as in Paris, the degree of self-government was strictly limited.A Sweeter Lazarus was better written than strictly necessary.The work is strictly on a volunteer basis.Martha and Joan kept strictly to their part of the house.strictly forbiddenYou can't smoke inside the hospital - it's strictly forbidden.Any social contact with Silly-Willie was strictly forbidden.He had found the porter visiting the superintendent nurse in her room, a form of social exchange that was strictly forbidden.Adam, as a child, had been strictly forbidden ever to go in there.Short hair is strictly forbidden for me not only because of my culture, but because of my lesbianism.In some cultures eye contact between men and women is strictly forbidden outside the immediate family.Although we have been strictly forbidden to enter the shed, my sister and I spend a lot of time in here.Best of all, though, were the books that we had been strictly forbidden to touch.
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