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sultrysul‧try /ˈsʌltri/ adjective  1 DNHOTweather that is sultry is hot with air that feels wet syn humid a hot and sultry day Since the rain, the air had become heavy and still and sultry.2 SEXYa woman who is sultry makes other people feel strong sexual attraction to her She threw Carlo a sultry glance. a sultry film starsultriness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sultryAt first it feels cooler and then it begins to feel like a greenhouse: sultry.The day which since the rain had gradually become hot was now heavy and still and sultry.Forecasters said the weather was set to remain sultry and oppressive today, with temperatures in the 70s but little sun.This talented five-piece pours a sweet and sultry mix of original torch melodies with a twist of crisp and snappy swing sounds.It reminded us of our sultry Sunday afternoons in El Salvador.The weather was still heavy and sultry, the promised storm still not having broken.a sultry voice
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