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sunshinesun‧shine /ˈsʌnʃaɪn/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  1 DNthe light and heat that come from the sun when there is no cloud We had three days of spring sunshine.afternoon/morning/evening sunshine Couples strolled in the afternoon sunshine.2 informalHAPPY happiness She brought sunshine into our lives.ray of sunshine (=a person or thing that makes you happy) He was the only ray of sunshine in her life.3 spoken informal used when speaking to someone you are annoyed with Look, sunshine, I’ve had just about enough of you!COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + sunshinethe spring/summer/autumn/winter sunshineShe was sitting in the garden, enjoying the spring sunshine.the morning/afternoon/evening sunshineThe morning sunshine brightened the room.bright/brilliant/blazing/dazzling sunshineWe stepped out of the plane into the bright sunshine of Corfu.glorious sunshine (=enjoyable bright sunshine)They woke to blue skies and glorious sunshine.warm/hot sunshineDon't spend too long in hot sunshine without a hat.pale sunshine (=not strong or hot)It was early spring, and pale sunshine shone on the fields.hazy sunshine (=sunshine with air that is not clear because of mist etc)Tomorrow morning it'll be dry with hazy sunshine.phrasesa ray of sunshineA ray of sunshine filtered through the dirty window.
Examples from the Corpus
sunshineJerry, a golfer, craves fresh air and sunshine.Monday dawned still and misty, with a promise of autumn sunshine.We sat on the patio enjoying the autumn sunshine.Look, sunshine, are you ever going to do anything today?He decided to walk and circle back, strolling like it was in the May sunshine.Good morning, sunshine.Outside it was a dark November day, but the house seemed full of sunshine.The days were hot, filled with relentless sunshine and clear skies.Northern regions will start dry with some sunshine.We sat outside in the warm spring sunshine.A lady is sitting on a bench in the sunshine under a black silk parasol.afternoon/morning/evening sunshineA moment later he was outside in the bright morning sunshine.Then we went outside, into the stadium, through a last security gate, into the bright morning sunshine.His victory here was a tribute to his quiet persistence in an intriguing struggle in the hot afternoon sunshine.She would have to walk back in the afternoon sunshine, or find somewhere to rest.During the summer, adders can often be found basking in the morning sunshine.I think of that letter now as I begin to look, in the morning sunshine, for Kip.The morning sunshine brightened the room, embellishing the cups and plates upon the dresser.ray of sunshineClothes, sleeping bags, spare canvas, all were hung up or spread out to catch a few rays of sunshine.The little ray of sunshine was about to be extinguished.But quite clearly, it is little Rani that is the Machouds' ray of sunshine.Percy was the only ray of sunshine in her gloomy life.They are the rays of sunshine burning through the haze of an Olympics snarled by glitches and shattered by a bomb.Catching the rays of sunshine this variety lights up the shrub border to prolong the last few days of autumn.Little Annie was an unexpected ray of sunshine in her life.
From Longman Business Dictionarysunshinesun‧shine /ˈsʌnʃaɪn/ adjective [only before a noun]LAW sunshine laws, rules etc are designed to make it easier for people to find out how an organization operates, what profits it makes etcThe Alabama Legislature passed a new sunshine law last week.Open meetings were introduced as part of thesunshine policy at the Accountancy Institute.
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