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suppositorysup‧pos‧i‧to‧ry /səˈpɒzətəri $ səˈpɑːzətɔːri/ noun (plural suppositories) [countable]  MDa small piece of solid medicine that is placed in someone’s rectum or vagina
Examples from the Corpus
suppositoryEnemas and suppositories may be of use but habitual use of these can create an unhappy and strained parent-child relationship.The oil was employed in various ways which included baths, steam inhalations and suppositories.Some even insert caffeine suppositories before a race in an attempt to provide a sustained dose with no stomach upset.In addition, particularly if you are to have surgery, bring some glycerine suppositories.No suppositories for her, no thank you.One of the better-known brands, Cafergot, contains 100 milligrams of caffeine in each tablet or suppository.Some one phoned up a pre-watershed live show and started telling a joke about putting suppositories up your bum.Some women get good results from a vaginal suppository of progesterone.
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