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sweetcornsweet‧corn /ˈswiːtkɔːn $ -kɔːrn/ noun [uncountable]  British EnglishHBPDF the soft yellow seeds from maize that are cooked and eaten syn corn American English
Examples from the Corpus
sweetcornWaistliner - combine cottage cheese, diced red pepper and sweetcorn. 7.It is most commonly known to affect brown rice and sweetcorn during cooking.Also try their tuna and sweetcorn quiche made with shortcrust pastry at £1.39.The alternatives are up to a pint of seed bait, such as sweetcorn, a pint of casters, etc.Cook sweetcorn and broccoli in a small amount of salted boiling water.Drain sweetcorn and broccoli and transfer all ingredients to the salad bowl.Mix with 90g of sweetcorn, 2 diced red peppers and 3 tablespoons of Weight Watchers from Heinz Mayonnaise.When cool, add the tuna, sweetcorn and parsley and season to taste.
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