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systemicsys‧te‧mic /sɪˈstemɪk, -ˈstiː- $ sɪˈstemɪk/ adjective technical or formal  HBaffecting the whole of something a systemic disease a systemic insecticide Corruption in the police force is systemic.
Examples from the Corpus
systemicChronic sulphasalazine treatment does not seem to be nephrotoxic but the systemic absorption of 5-ASA from sulphasalazine is relatively low.After the intake of azo-bound drugs, the mucosal concentrations are very low despite a low systemic absorption.Thus systemic and schematic knowledge develop concurrently, each supportive of the other.Somatostatin is known to reduce splanchnic blood flow without modifying systemic arterial blood pressure.a systemic bacterial infectionApart from these systemic effects, there may be a quite marked local inflammation with swelling and white-cell infiltration.The systemic induction of pin activity by wounding was correlated on 46 out of 49 occasions with a systemic electrical signal.The systemic requirements of the conceptual model were also considered.Other rare systemic side effects are skin rash, liver dysfunction, and renal dysfunction.
From Longman Business Dictionarysystemicsys‧tem‧ic /sɪˈstemɪk, ˈstiː--ˈstem-/ adjective relating to or affecting the whole of a systemthe systemic problems in the healthcare systemsystemically adverbMore than ever, people are thinking systemically and acting strategically.
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