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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtherebythere‧by /ðeəˈbaɪ, ˈðeəbaɪ $ ðerˈbaɪ, ˈðer-/ ●○○ AWL adverb formal  SO/CONSEQUENTLYwith the result that something else happensthereby doing something He became a citizen in 1978, thereby gaining the right to vote.
Examples from the Corpus
therebyThe home thereby acquires a special significance; an institution protected by the males, if necessary by aggressive actions towards others.It is essential that the quality of the carpet is identified, thereby ensuring that we replace like with like.They express their anger by destroying their own lives and thereby hurting others, while seeming to be wide-eyed and innocent.Efficient management of creativity then succeeds in channeling these creative outputs into organizational goals, thereby reducing the wastage of resources.The whole emphasis is placed on the terms being negated, thereby reflecting a profound bias towards aggression as the norm.He redesigned the process, thereby saving the company thousands of dollars.
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