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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthereuponthere‧up‧on /ˌðeərəˈpɒn, ˈðeərəpɒn $ ˌðerəˈpɒːn, -ˈpɑːn, ˈðerə-/ adverb formal  1 THENimmediately after something else has happened, and usually as a result of it syn then Thereupon the whole audience began cheering.2 SCLrelating to a subject that has just been mentioned I read your article, and wish to comment thereupon.
Examples from the Corpus
thereuponHe handed over his delivery order to an official who thereupon gave instructions for loading to commence.He thereupon immediately wrote to Kingsway Motors informing them of the situation and claiming the return of his purchase price.The landlords thereupon ordered their sharecroppers to plant no indigo and, simultaneously, increased the rent.To their amazement, natives thereupon pronounced themselves healed.Brian Faulkner thereupon resigned as leader of the Unionist party and this was followed by further resignations.The wealthy Bombay and Ahmedabad magnates thereupon withdrew their financial support of the ashram.
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