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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishthimblethim‧ble /ˈθɪmbəl/ noun [countable]  thimble.jpg DCa small metal or plastic cap used to protect your finger when you are sewing
Examples from the Corpus
thimbleThe beer bottle played in his big hands like a thimble.Agnes, open that sewing box and pass me a thimble, will you?He had the brains of a thimble.The Phantom looks simple: A thimble is attached to a jointed arm made of black steel rods.The shoe and the thimble in Monopoly have been replaced with little pills that help us along to Boardwalk.The first person to find the thimble hides it the next time.A child's game of hunt the thimble doesn't feel creative.If Miss Bingham's idea for the band came to anything Henry just might ask him about playing that washboard with thimbles.
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