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threefoldthree‧fold /ˈθriːfəʊld $ -foʊld/ adjective  HMINCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNTthree times as much or as many a threefold increase in productionthreefold adverb
Examples from the Corpus
threefoldThe catastrophe they inflict is threefold.Our threefold classification of participant, subject, and parochial is only the beginning of a classification of political cultures.This threefold classification of political cultures does not assume that one orientation replaces the others.We gained a threefold improvement in accuracy and almost a fivefold improvement in required off-line training time.A much earlier development than the biblical canon was the evolution of the threefold ministry of bishop, presbyter, and deacon.The threefold model of church growth of cell, congregation and celebration works at Ichthus to great effect.The controversies that have since arisen are of threefold origin.It has a threefold purpose: Spirituality, Apostolate and Friendship.
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