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tincturetinc‧ture /ˈtɪŋktʃə $ -ər/ noun [countable, uncountable + of]  technicalMD a medical substance mixed with alcohol
Examples from the Corpus
tinctureA L.C tincture can be applied to all sorts of stings and bites.After the blisters have broken dress locally with Calendula tincture.I feel on my body Gloria's eager tinctures.So the artist, with his brush, is manipulating tinctures of the very principles that underlie all nature.A bidet is not sufficient to remove the tinctures that must be clinging visibly to him.The tincture has its uses, but restoration of active vigour is not among them.Although he started out using crude, undiluted tinctures, towards the end of his life he was using very high potencies.
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