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tonsilton‧sil /ˈtɒnsəl $ ˈtɑːn-/ noun [countable]  HBHyour tonsils are the two small round pieces of flesh at the sides of your throat If you keep getting throat infections you might have to have your tonsils out (=have them removed).
Examples from the Corpus
tonsilFree dentists, free operations, free tonsils, free milk.Added to which, my limbs had begun to ache and my tonsils felt as if some one had sandpapered them.There were large greyish membranes on the hypopharynx and the right tonsil, which was necrotic.The filtering function of lymphatic tissue enables the tonsils and adenoids to trap pathogens.On the fourth day after the operation gram-positive rods were seen in a bacterial culture from the tonsil tissue.The answer could be to remove the tonsils or adenoids, according to a study of 60 children in Oxford.Yes, your tonsils are inflamed.have ... tonsils outYour mouth was hung that far open - we could have took your tonsils out with nail scissors.
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