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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwo-sidedˌtwo-ˈsided adjective  COMPLICATEDhaving two different parts a two-sided problem one-sided, many-sided
Examples from the Corpus
two-sidedtwo-sided adhesive tapeIt needed a two-sided commitment and, willingly or not, Niall was already committed, to another woman.a two-sided issueMore than 3,000 copies of a colourful two-sided leaflet have been produced to give a quick-reference guide to the town's attractions.The verdict on Bonar Law's first three years as leader must be a two-sided one.Man's nature was two-sided, only half of it led to wrong-doing, the other half prohibited sin.By the reign of Edward the Confessor royal writs were authenticated by having a two-sided seal attached.
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