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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtwosometwo‧some /ˈtuːsəm/ noun [countable usually singular]  TWOtwo people who work together or spend a lot of time together a well-known comedy twosome
Examples from the Corpus
twosomeThey were not a twosome anymore.He had stopped caring and replaced feeling with form, the patterned semblance of a twosome, a family life.If there is any twosome in a family likely to drift apart, it is a pair of brothers.Ulrich and Fonda play a lovestruck twosome.Rather than wandering around aimlessly, the ovoid twosome decided to visit a nearby castle to obtain directions.Their confidence grew into overwhelming proportions and in the opinion of many observers they swiftly became Manchester's tedious twosome.James Blennerhassett will also be performing with the tuneful twosome.
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