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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunjustifiedun‧just‧i‧fied /ʌnˈdʒʌstɪfaɪd/ AWL adjective  WRONG/UNJUSTIFIEDdone without an acceptable reason unjustified price increases
Examples from the Corpus
unjustifiedThe undermining of self-esteem may lead to assumptions about the reactions of others that are unjustified.This contention seems to me to be unjustified.I think your criticisms of Mr Ward are completely unjustified.And the horror may not be unjustified.And you could see just from the body-language that she felt the policemen's warning was unjustified.He said that since his reason did not support his instinct his suspicions might be unjustified.The black and Hispanic community mobilized in the belief that the shoplifting charges and the shooting were unjustified.Many disabled people suffer from unjustified discrimination when they apply for jobs.The Commission wants to avoid unjustified double taxation of boats, and will be making proposals accordingly.unjustified federal spendingBrian has the reputation, unjustified in my opinion, of being a bit of a bore.Such statements, though frequently unjustified, indicate the extent to which rhetoric of this kind had become widely acceptable.
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