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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunwelcomeun‧wel‧come /ʌnˈwelkəm/ adjective  1 WANT#something that is unwelcome is not wanted, especially because it might cause embarrassment or problems unwelcome publicity unwelcome news2 WANT#unwelcome guests, visitors etc are people who you do not want in your home
Examples from the Corpus
unwelcomeunwelcome adviceFrom time to time it is inevitable there will be some unwelcome arrivals in the net.Environmentalists had been drawing unwelcome attention to the discharge of radioactive waste from nuclear power-stations.She was experiencing no unwelcome change of consciousness, no lightness in the head.In November, one unwelcome factor featured in the campaign.Many people saw the immigrants as unwelcome intruders in their town.Philippides returned with the unwelcome news that the army would not be ready to march for several days.Conran admits that he derives little satisfaction from having to fight off unwelcome suitors.Though unwelcome, this decline was predicted and planned for - and spending was therefore rightly under tight constraint in 1992.He arrived at Vera Cruz on November 30, but found himself a decidedly unwelcome visitor.
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