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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishvirilevir‧ile /ˈvɪraɪl $ ˈvɪrəl/ adjective  MANhaving or showing traditionally male qualities such as strength, courage etc – use this to show approvalmacho
Examples from the Corpus
virileJasper was straightforwardly handsome, virile and blunt.From it stepped a very large, virile and kingly figure.It was, however, a virile face, and, when superficial objections were removed, a kindly face.Certainly it demonstrates a virile faith, which is an excellent example to every believer.Despite all the blather to the contrary, it is obvious that virile men remain attractive to women.In the couple of days since she had last set eyes on him she had forgotten the virile power of that face.Craig was a younger and more virile version of his father.The girls were all gazing adoringly at his muscular, virile young body.
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