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warm-bloodedˌwarm-ˈblooded adjective  HBAanimals that are warm-blooded have a body temperature that remains fairly high whether the temperature around them is hot or cold opp cold-blooded
Examples from the Corpus
warm-bloodedHighly intelligent humans, of course, are warm-blooded.It would seem that there are two types of warm-blooded animal.They will also say that the Faroese method of killing whales is a barbarous way of treating an intelligent, warm-blooded mammal.A diverse family of warm-blooded mammals whose grace and beauty are well-known and appreciated across all five continents.When the results of these tests are finally known we may at last know for sure whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or not.Overcrowded with 100,000 cold-blooded bees, the hive had become a warm-blooded organism.Protagonists of the warm-blooded theory will show some of the horned dinosaurs charging over the Cretaceous plains like furious reptilian rhinoceroses!
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