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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-behavedˌwell-beˈhaved adjective  POLITEBEHAVEbehaving in a calm polite way, and not being rude or violent a well-behaved child a very well-behaved dog The crowd was well-behaved.see thesaurus at politeRegisterIn everyday English, people often say that a child is good rather than well-behaved:Have the children been good?
Examples from the Corpus
well-behavedCan I bring my dog? She's very well-behaved.His sad, excruciatingly well-behaved adolescence is inextricable from the progress of a doomed friendship with an eccentric schoolmate, Smallgods.Small towns and highways sit in the distance like the proverbial well-behaved child -- seen, vaguely, but not heard.A petty officer, his wife and three incredibly well-behaved children were first.She was a thoughtful, kind, and well-behaved girl.An ugly duckling, like a printing press, was transformed into a well-behaved goose laying golden eggs.Their children are so well-behaved it seems almost unnatural.Flavia responded like a well-behaved little girl.The hangar-sized concert room was packed with a well-behaved male dominated audience.Most of the 20,000 asteroids in our data banks remain on well-behaved paths, for ever circuiting the sun in the main belt.So we were exceedingly well-behaved towards each other.
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