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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-builtˌwell-ˈbuilt adjective  STRONG PERSONsomeone who is well-built has a big strong bodysee thesaurus at strong
Examples from the Corpus
well-builtWitnesses have described the attacker as white, six feet tall and well-built.He was about 6 foot tall and well-built.It's solid, well-built and looks more like a conventional film camera than the other digital cameras featured in this test.a well-built carOur verdict: Versatile, offering a high degree of control, with all the benefits of a well-built conventional oven.It is well-built, great to play and it sounds good, too.He was handsome and well-built, like a Hollywood movie star.A contemporary picture portrays Schmidt as a tall well-built man, full bearded, in jerkin and knee-length hose.My master is a tall, fine, well-built man.Sir Henry was a small, healthy, well-built man.In the front, on another video screen, three well-built specimens cavorted on the tailgate of a pickup truck.A well-built young man in uniform came to our table and asked the time.
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