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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-knownˌwell-ˈknown ●●○ adjective (comparative better-known, superlative best-known)  KNOW somethingknown by a lot of peoplenotoriousit is well-known (that) It’s a well-known fact that smoking can cause lung cancer. This is probably their best-known song. a well-known TV presenterwell-known for He was well-known for his extreme political views.see thesaurus at famous
Examples from the Corpus
well-knownA diverse family of warm-blooded mammals whose grace and beauty are well-known and appreciated across all five continents.She was a well-known author in her day, writing fiction, biographies, translations, and even plays for children.Since then the homes of several well-known authors have come into the Trust's care.Cytomegalovirus is a less well-known infection which affects considerably greater numbers of babies than rubella.He purchased Western Union through a bankruptcycourt reorganization, selling off its well-known money-transfer business.She came from a well-known north London family, and was the widow of a proctor.Take the cases of two well-known strikes involving women - the strikes at Trico and at Electrolux.Thirty-six well-known theater stars are scheduled to perform.well-known forThe town is well-known for growing watermelons.
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