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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-manneredˌwell-ˈmannered adjective  POLITEtalking and behaving in a polite way a well-mannered childsee thesaurus at polite
Examples from the Corpus
well-manneredJulio is a clean-cut, well-mannered 15-year-old boy.The children were good little things, well-mannered, and beautifully dressed.Henry was a typical Oxford man - well-mannered, easy-going, and very sure of himself.It is difficult to address market forces armed only with well-mannered façades.You seem to be a well-mannered fellow.He enjoyed well-mannered, good-looking, and well-to-do undergraduates.She followed quietly, a well-mannered guest, as they crossed the crowded length of the morning room.Parke doesn't deny it, noting a shift from protesting outside bases towards well-mannered lobbying in the corridors of power.So, if you cloned Donald or Newt, you might get a perfectly well-mannered person.
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