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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwell-preservedˌwell-preˈserved adjective  1 YOUNGsomeone who is well-preserved is getting old, but does not look as old as they are2 a well-preserved building or object is old but still in good condition the remarkably well-preserved ruins of the church
Examples from the Corpus
well-preservedMicroscopical details are not so well-preserved, and the fossil is, of course, only a fragment of a larger plant.Among his discoveries were well-preserved burials of people of large stature with long hair.Sections have been cut through well-preserved coral in limestone.The nails of the well-preserved hands were all in place.These specimens are well-preserved in a clay matrix, some of which adheres to one of the specimens.A substantial, well-preserved Iron Age settlement with two encircling ramparts and supplementary earthworks.In its present state of suspended animation, however, H-4 may look forward to a well-preserved life of undetermined longevity.Immediately inside the entrance were three well-preserved paintings.
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