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windpipewind‧pipe /ˈwɪndpaɪp/ noun [countable]  HBthe tube through which air passes from your mouth to your lungs syn trachea
Examples from the Corpus
windpipeIts crushed her windpipe, and the doctors have put a pipe in so she can breathe.The fingers gripping her windpipe slackened and Irina slumped backwards against the desk and slid to the ground.Vomit burst through my windpipe and landed on the wall six feet away.They were grappling, and she'd got her hand on the woman's windpipe, holding her off, squeezing.You had to regard the Instantaneous solution offered by the symmetry of the razor across the windpipe, a neat line.And when squirted into the windpipes of mice, the viruses infected the animals' lungs and delivered the marker genes.Both these action; should help to force the matter up out of the windpipe.Already, they have noticed that poor neurological control causes many children to inhale bits of food into their windpipes.
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