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wingerwing‧er /ˈwɪŋə $ -ər/ (also wing) noun [countable]  DSsomeone who plays in the far left or far right of the field in games such as football
Examples from the Corpus
wingerDave Walker touched down a pack push-over and winger Paul Holdstock scored a try to put Newcastle 14-0 ahead at half time.But their defence could do nothing as winger Sharpe burst down the left and opened them up with a devastating cross.A neat little chip by Putt was pursued by Kieran Campbell, and the winger just won the race for the touchdown.Castleford have placed their winger Chris Chapman on the transfer list at £45,000.Torquay's Paul Hall swung a frustrated punch at midfielder Steve Harrower, who reacted by appearing to head-butt the young winger.
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