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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwinningswin‧nings /ˈwɪnɪŋz/ noun [plural]  WINmoney that you have won lottery winnings
Examples from the Corpus
winningsBut Bailey broke the record for winnings by a jockey, pulling in $ 16. 3 million in purses.She collected her winnings and put them into her bag.In six months her winnings, which had saved the firm, would have degenerated into a mere loan.Scooping up his winnings, he went off to invest them at the blackjack table.That easily trumped the 23 percent winnings turned in by the overall market.Reliable domestiques are the stars' most valued comrades - and by long tradition they share the stars' winnings.Sanchez collected the winnings, pushed half the roll into his shirt and gave the other half back.Just as the size of the winnings amazed her, so did the size of the losses terrify her.And they decided for reasons best known to themselves to invest some of their winnings in buying people like me.As with those who sell their winnings, players who take the option must settle for less than the advertised prize.
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