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wiperwip‧er /ˈwaɪpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TTCa piece of equipment on a car, that removes rain from the windscreen
Examples from the Corpus
wiperThe column stalks are fine: indicators, lights and horn on the left, wipers on the right.We do not believe that whatever the situation had been, if the switch was flipped, the wipers would have started.That is, there is an additional type of condition which obtains when the wipers start-not ten in all but eleven.The wipers kept knocking slivers of the ice off the windscreen.As soon as the sergeant turned off the windscreen wipers a curtain of mist was breathed across the glass.Cars were edging forward with barely controlled impatience to the steady whiplash accompaniment of their windscreen wipers.There was a parking ticket neatly tucked under the windshield wiper.This point means that where a motor vehicle is required to be fitted with wipers it must also have washers.
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