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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwirywir‧y /ˈwaɪəri $ ˈwaɪri/ adjective  1 THIN PERSONSTRONG PERSONsomeone who is wiry is thin but has strong muscles2 BENDwiry hair or grass is stiff and strong
Examples from the Corpus
wiryShort, wiry, and with a dark and rather damaged complexion, he could have been a retired flyweight boxer.The wiry Estrada flashes a partially capped smile as she gratefully recalls her first maquila job twisting electrical wires with latex-tipped fingers.Richard Cory was a little man with wiry hair.a wiry little Broadway show dancer from Puerto RicoFather Vic was a wiry man in his late forties with a sharp nose and deep-set eyes.Foresters passed us, small wiry men carrying machetes and, in one case, a crossbow for shooting birds.About the only people who can move rapidly over such terrain are the tough and wiry park service hunters.His father, Michael, was a short, wiry, quiet man, a sheet-metal worker.A thin wiry woman, her name was Meg and not herself the full shilling.
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