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yearlingyear‧ling /ˈjɪəlɪŋ, ˈjɜː- $ ˈjɪr-/ noun [countable]  HBADSHan animal, especially a young horse, between one and two years old
Examples from the Corpus
yearlingSuch terrors are more likely to affect foals and yearlings because they have been exposed to fewer objects and experiences.Donkeys acquire infection as foals and yearlings and tend to remain infected, presumably through re-exposure, all their lives.His yearlings sold for astonishing sums.It sometimes happens that yearling or two-year-old colts show signs of aggression, and treat people like an inferior horse.Later two cattle trucks came, and the drivers put coveralls over their regular clothes and hazed the yearlings into the trucks.But they have not made a single bid at Britain's top yearling sale this week.Davis agreed to go up to 200 guineas, and in the event secured the unseen yearling for a mere 160 guineas.
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