Language: Old French
Origin: -iser, from Late Latin -izare, from Greek -izein


-ize also -ise British English [in verbs]
1 to make something have more of a particular quality:
We need to modernize our procedures. (=make them more modern)
Americanized spelling (=spelling made more American)
privatized transport (=bus or train services that are owned and operated by private companies)
2 to change something to something else, or be changed to something else:
The liquid crystallized. (=turned into crystals )
3 to speak or think in the way mentioned:
to soliloquize (=speak a soliloquy, to yourself)
I sat and listened to him sermonizing. (=speaking solemnly, as if in a sermon)
4 to put into a particular place:
She was hospitalized after the accident.

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