Mr British English ; Mr. American English
1 used before a man's family name to be polite when you are speaking to him, writing to him, or talking about him:
Mr Smith is the headteacher.
Mr. John Smith
Mr and Mrs Smith
2 used when speaking to a man in an official position:
Mr Chairman
Mr. President
madam (3)

Mr Right

a man who would be the perfect husband for a particular woman:
She's finally found Mr. Right.

Mr Big

informalSCC the leader or most important person in a group, especially a criminal group

Mr Clean

informal someone who is honest and always obeys the law

Mr Sarcasm/Mr Messy/Mr Forgetful etc

spoken used humorously to say that someone has a particular quality or behaves in a particular way:
I don't think we need any comments from Mr Sarcasm here.

➔ no more Mr Nice Guy!

at guy (5)

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