2 adjective, adverb
OK2 S1 , okay spoken
1 [not before noun] if you are OK, you are not ill, injured, or unhappy [= all right]:
Are you OK?
Do you feel OK now?
Mum's doing OK now.
2 [not before noun] something that is OK is acceptable and will not cause any problems [= all right]:
Will half past eight be OK?
Does my hair look OK?
that's/it's OK
'Sorry I'm late.' 'That's OK.'
Is it OK if I leave my bags here?
Yeah, the TV 's working OK.
it is okay (for somebody) to do something
It's okay for you to go home now.
it is okay with/by somebody
I'll pay you the rest tomorrow, if that's OK with you.
3 [not before noun] satisfactory but not extremely good:
'How was the film?' 'It was okay, but not brilliant.'
I think I did okay in the exam.
4 someone who is OK is nice, pleasant, etc:
I've met Jim once, and he seems OK.
He's an OK guy.

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