Roosevelt, Franklin D.

Roosevelt, Franklin D. also FDR
(1882-1945) a US politician in the Democratic Party, who was the President of the US from 1933 to 1945. He helped to end the Great Depression by starting a programme of social and economic changes called the New Deal. He also tried to give support to the Allies without getting the US involved in World War II, but when Japan attacked the US in 1941 he was forced to join the war. Roosevelt is the only person who has ever been elected President of the US four times. In 1921 he became partly paralyzed (=unable to move) (=unable to move) because of the illness polio, and he had to use a wheelchair. He was extremely popular when he was president, and many people listened to his 'fireside chats' (=speeches) on the radio, in which he explained his plans and policies. He was married to Eleanor Roosevelt.

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