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a bad/difficult/sticky/rough patch

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha bad/difficult/sticky/rough patcha bad/difficult/sticky/rough patchinformalDIFFICULTPERIOD OF TIME a period of time when you are having a lot of difficulty Gemma’s going through a bad patch right now. patch
Examples from the Corpus
a bad/difficult/sticky/rough patchRuefully, she recalled her pleasure at the way the book, after a difficult patch, had begun to develop.Having hit a bad patch, financially, I decided I must try for some paid work with my knitting machine.Sometimes I am a real power pack of efficiency; then I hit a bad patch.Talk about hitting a bad patch.Every team goes through a bad patch.The Royal Family is certainly going through a rough patch.Even when they knew he was going through a bad patch they would continue to deliver dangerous back-passes to him.Evode has gone through a sticky patch.
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