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a bad name

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha bad namea bad nameBADif something has a bad name, people do not respect or trust ithave/get a bad name The bar had a bad name and was avoided by all the locals.give somebody/something a bad name These annoying tourists give all Americans a bad name. bad
Examples from the Corpus
a bad nameIn this way the original insights of New Right thinking have acquired for themselves a bad name.The dinner they gave him ranks among the epic brawls which regularly give the brotherhood of socialist solidarity a bad name.Then came the kind of spot award that gets Anfield a bad name.These holy rollers gave all the churches a bad name.This is the kind of disingenuous hair-splitting that gives politics a bad name.This is the sort of self-serving, insincere baloney that gives good government a bad name.On the field, he is annoying and irritating and gives high-salaried athletes more of a bad name than they already have.What happened is indisputable: students, and the institutions to which they belonged, acquired a bad name universally.
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