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a barium meal/enema/swallow

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha barium meal/enema/swallowa barium meal/enema/swallowa substance containing barium that you swallow or that is put in your bowels before you have an X-ray, because it makes the organs in your body easier to see barium
Examples from the Corpus
a barium meal/enema/swallowI was in the process of administering a barium enema.Oesophageal radionuclide transit was evaluated in 15 patients and a barium meal was performed in five cases to confirm endoscopical findings.The following year the surgeon arranged an x ray of her lumbar spine and a barium meal, which were normal.If the patient is over 40 or has risk factors for colon carcinoma, a barium enema is prudent.So I went to see a man in Devonshire Place and he sent me down the road for a barium meal X-ray.Three patients refused endoscopy, two refused sigmoidoscopy, and nine patients refused to have a barium enema or colonoscopic examination.During the pre-operative period Mr Reynolds also have several investigations performed, including a barium enema and a sigmoidoscopy and biopsy.
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