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a binding contract/promise/agreement etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha binding contract/promise/agreement etca binding contract/promise/agreement etcSCLa promise, agreement etc that must be obeyed binding
Examples from the Corpus
a binding contract/promise/agreement etcAn offer is something which is clearly intended if accepted to form a binding agreement.If they can come to a binding agreement, the prisoners will both profess their innocence and be sentenced to two years.It was held there that the parties had made a binding contract, albeit with the price still outstanding.However, in many cases the parties may create a binding contract by agreement on the three matters already identified.But Equitable was set on the Halifax deal and has signed a binding contract for the first half of its proposals.The successful bidder is under a binding contract to purchase the relevant property.In general there was the invocation of one or more deities to bear witness that a binding contract was being undertaken.
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