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a bite (to eat)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisha bite (to eat)a bite (to eat)informalDFMEAL a small meal We had a bite to eat and a couple of drinks before the flight. bite
Examples from the Corpus
a bite (to eat)Would he care to stay on for a bite to eat?Saguaros in bloom, the glare of a horned owl and javelinas rooting for a bite to eat.I cheekily went across to a detached cottage and asked if it was possible to get a bite to eat.Very often it is this rod that gets a bite.Actually, he found it in the back of his throat, where it lodged after he took a bite.I took a bite out of the sandwich.Examples: Apple shows an apple, with a bite taken out of it.Seligson withdrew his candidacy and wrote a biting letter to Harleston.
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